Nutrition Management For Post COVID Care

In the month of December 2019, There was a global pandemic outbreak that has not only affected our lives but also made drastic changes in the way we have been living. From making us work from home to making everything digital and hassle-free.

The one thing that did not change was to eat healthy, exercise, and stay fit. All around the world experts spoke about how important it is to stay healthy and exercise regularly.

Since the virus affects the respiratory system and your immunity, there are some after-effects that could have adverse long-term effects on your body. To recover from that here are few nutrients guidelines that could help you in the long term.


Consumption of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers plays a vital role in boosting your immunity. Researches have shown that consuming low glycemic foods can help in reducing the free radicals which result in better immunity.

Omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acids have proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, in addition, they inactivate the growth of the virus, decreasing the chances of replication of the virus in our body


Vitamins such as A, C,D,E,B6,B12 have high antioxidant properties which can not only reduce inflammation in the body but also decrease your resistance to fight the disease naturally

Trace Elements

Trace elements such as Zinc, Selenium, and copper can drastically increase your immunity. They have an antimicrobial property which acts as a natural antibiotic to fight the virus

Thus, Nutrition and proper monitored dietary intake can play a very major role in post COVID recovery. People often ignore nutrition as a part of their health and well-being, but if nutrition is made an integral part of your lifestyle could give you very positive changes.