Wellness One Step At A Time Start Today

Today, heralds the dawn of a new age in health and fitness. Most of us hear the term prevention or wellness and assume that it is something that is done by advanced holistic gurus or wellness yogi’s…and that it is not for us ordinary people, working 9 to 5 jobs and leading very busy lives.

We are actually at the threshold of a totally new concept where we focus on prevention and regenerative medicine rather than on addressing problems and issues at a later stage in life.

Wellness is nothing more than making a few routine choices on a daily basis and these in turn lead up to big changes which last lifelong.

We can all have access to wellness if we so choose to have a healthier, happier and fit lifestyle.

Here is how we choose wellness one step, one day at a time for the entire month.

An easy way to start is to work on this check list for the next month. Just one tiny daily simple choice which will be easy to follow and is life altering!

Week 1.Kitchen Remedies:

Monday: Drink Water first thing on waking up.

Water is very essential to the body and we need more water than we realize. Be sure to drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. Hydrating your body helps you to wake up and is a good way to clean and flush your body early morning. This will also help to clean your bowels very regularly and this in turn again will keep you healthy.

Tuesday: Use spices and herbs to flavour food instead of salt.

Using spices and herbs instead of salt is an excellent way to flavour your food and cut down on excessive salt which leads to a host of problems like high blood pressure.

Adding ginger and garlic paste is excellent and has many health benefits.

Using cinnamon or cardamom in your breakfast dishes adds a nice zing to it. The added benefit is that it helps to control diabetes as well.

Try out pepper, cayenne, turmeric or rosemary for lunch.

At dinner time you could use pepper, basil, thyme, etc.

These are all antioxidants and also act as anti-cancer and anti-depressants, at the same time helping to lower blood pressure.

Wednesday: Eat plenty of fruits.

The more colour you add, the more vitamins you will gain. Here are some of the advantages of eating fruits:

  • Bananas have powerful anti-viral properties
  • Apples prevent depression and reduce anxiety
  • Plums are great for a healthy cardiovascular system as they are rich in potassium and Vit C.
  • Melons hydrate our skin and nails.
  • Oranges help with respiratory and sinus problems.
  • Pineapples tone the stomach and help to burn fat.
  • Berries help to balance blood sugar. They promote a healthy heart and proper digestion.

Thursday: Do not eat any processed foods.

These are mostly high in sugar, are extremely addictive and most importantly, void of any nutrients. Ditching processed foods is not easy, but once you have made a commitment, you will feel way better about yourself in no time at all. These foods also make you feel sluggish, moody, fatigued and do not satisfy your appetite.

Friday: Eat More Veggies.

Eating veggies is one of the best ways to get healthier fast. Just make sure that the veggies are organic or free from pesticides. These wil provide more nutrition than any other types of food. Veggies will also help to alkalize our bodies and help to maintain our mental wellness and also help to protect us from various diseases. Spinach, broccoli, beans, cabbage are excellent choices.

Saturday: Make Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Try oatmeal, add fruits if you like, or try some yogurt with nuts and berries. You could also have egg with whole grain toasted bread or some oats porridge.

If you like an Indian variation, try upma, with variations like oat upma or soy upma. For a heavier breakfast try some parathas with curd or even dosa with sambhar or pohwa for breakfast. Add curd and have with thepla;s or even a veg franky would be a good idea.

Another good option would be to go for a whole wheat or multi-grain pizza and add the toppings of your choice taking care to see that they are healthy choices.

Sunday: Go ahead and splurge!

You deserve a holiday from being strict about your diet the last six days. Enjoy your day of eating well, taking care to see that you do not binge to the extent that you negate all the good work done in the past week.